Saturday, March 22, 2008

Scenes I Hope To Remember

As I enjoy a rainy thirty-first birthday, I think about how lucky I am. I've experienced some amazing food, travel, and, most of all, people in my short time here. A handful of the many things I hope never to forget:

  1. Dad's face when he told me I won the pony
  2. Hearing that I had a baby sister
  3. Meeting Slugger for the first time
  4. My first telephone conversation with Marc
  5. Mom teaching me how to make tartar sauce
  6. Mom taking us to the bookmobile
  7. Playing at The Rock with Mart, Beth, and Alisha
  8. Riding the see-saw at the Mitchells house
  9. Hearing my name called at graduation
  10. Dad telling me he had talked to my principal and they were going to let me take violin
  11. Flying in a plane over Alaska
  12. Riding in a convertible for the first time
  13. Hearing Marc repeat his wedding vows
  14. Dancing in Myrtle Beach with my 3 best friends
  15. Hearing Mart tell me about his new baby
  16. Tubing on the Green
  17. Buying my first margarita legally
  18. Playing violin at my grandparents' anniversary Mass
  19. My first view of the Eiffel Tower
  20. Feeding kangaroos in Tasmania
  21. Crying on the beach, admiring my new engagement ring
  22. Riding in a pick-up truck to get Katie's wedding dress pressed
  23. Hiking at Multnomah Falls
  24. Playing kazoos at Thanksgiving
  25. Unwrapping wedding presents at my bridal shower
  26. Cosmic bowling in Columbia
  27. Chatting with Guster band members
  28. The Dr Seuss ride with Amy
  29. Eating homemade brownies with Katie and Shareen
  30. Laughing at The Melting Pot with Marc, Mom, and Dad
  31. Trying to drive a stick
  32. Gazing at waterfalls at 2AM in Findley Park
  33. Climbing a tree to pick mistletoe
  34. Getting my bellyring
  35. Seeing The Producers from the third row
  36. Taking my students to Mirabell Gardens and singing the Do Re Mi song
  37. Walking to school with TR, Eric, and Jason
  38. Singing in the 7th grade assembly
  39. 80s music video nights with Marc
  40. Snorkeling in the Bahamas
  41. Acting out Beauty and the Beast with Sara while working 3rd shift
  42. Winning my first 5k award
  43. Feeding the deer at Hollywild
  44. Baking Christmas cookies
  45. Having the girls over for lasagna and salad
  46. Riding the boogie board
  47. Playing Marco Polo at the Kendalls
  48. Watching him ride his bike on Mackinac Island
  49. Opening my apartment door to a dozen roses
  50. Picking blackberries for Mom and Dad's famous ice cream

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